6 Best Paint Sprayers For Lacquer 2019 (Review And Buying Guide)

Looking for your next staining project? But dreading having to spread lacquer with a brush? Well, worry not! Paint Sprayers can make your job much easier. Most sprayers that can handle paints can handle lacquer as well resulting in a smooth glossy finish.

Why I Recommend Using A Paint Sprayer For Lacquer:

Lacquers can be pretty hard to get right! They usually require a thick even coat which is quite difficult to achieve with a brush or a roller. It requires a lot of control and needs to have a consistent finish to get the desired look. So, we recommend using a paint sprayer.

They make the job so much easier and help save you time. If you want to know our best Paint sprayers for lacquer, read ahead

Editor’s Top 3 Picks

Campbell Hausfeld CHK005CCAV
Campbell Hausfeld CHK005CCAV
Fuji 2203G Semi-PRO 2
Fuji 2203G Semi-PRO 2
Fuji 3005-T70 Q5 Platinum
Fuji 3005-T70 Q5 Platinum
Customer Rating
4.34.3 / 5
4.84.8 / 5
4.64.6 / 5
PriceCampbell Hausfeld CHK005CCAV priceFuji 2203G Semi-PRO 2 priceFuji 3005-T70 Q5 Platinum price
TypeAir poweredGravity HVLP GunHVLP
Weight7.7 pounds25.2 pounds38.8 pounds
Capacity550 ml400cc1 quart
Bottom LineThe Campbell Hausfeld is best suited for beginners and amateurIt is recommended to hobbyists and DIYers to use this product as it delivers a smooth and clean finish.It is ideal for professionals only as it is a bit complicated to use

Best Paint Sprayer For Lacquer Detail Review

Campbell Hausfeld CHK005CCAV Spray Gun For Lacquer

Campbell Hausfeld CHK005CCAV
Campbell Hausfeld CHK005CCAV Spray Gun For Lacquer
4.34.3 / 5
The Campbell Hausfeld gravity-feed spray gun kit (CHK005CCAV) is the ideal starter collection of tools for home spray painting.

The Campbell Hausfeld Spray Gun Kit consists of 2 spray guns along with different accessories to make your life easier. The first thing we noticed was that the contents inside the box were packed in pretty tightly and needed a screwdriver to pry them out.

Once we got all our tools out, we put them to the test! The larger gun worked fine on medium sized projects, delivering a smooth glossy lacquer finish. We used the smaller gun for detail work and on smaller projects. The performance of both the guns was quite consistent with minimal overspray.

We recommend you directly spray at your project for efficient results. Since this device uses air, it can produce a lot of mist when used in an oblique position. So, we had to reach for our masks to avoid breathing in the lacquer vapors.

Overall, we found that the setup and operation were quite easy. The product was easy to clean and the brushes helped us quite a lot. However, when we tried to put everything back into the case, it simply would not fit back in as the box was too tight.

So for those hoping that this could be a nice portable kit, we’d like to tell you otherwise. Other than the box, you could not use it in a vertical up or down position either. Plus, the filters are permanently creased inside the box so we just found them to be useless.

Campbell Hausfeld CHK005CCAV Spray Gun is is ideal for a variety of uses, especially is lacquer
CHK005CCAV has an efficient design that reduces paint waste and delivers precise results. It is suitable for lacquer.
Credit: Amazon.com


  • 2 guns for all kinds of projects and detail work.
  • Has minimal overspray.
  • Includes a carrying case for storage.
  • 2 different adjusting valves to help you control the flow.
  • Easy to set up and operate.


  • Cannot work in a vertically up or down position.
  • The box is too tight.
  • Creased filter papers.

Who is it For?

The Campbell Hausfeld is best suited for beginners and amateurs as it provides them with a lot more control.

PaintWIZ Handheld Pro Paint Sprayer For Lacquer

PaintWIZ Pro
PaintWIZ Handheld Pro Paint Sprayer For Lacquer
3.83.8 / 5
The PaintWIZ Handheld Paint Sprayer PRO uses HVLP technology to spray thinner materials.

Next up, we tested out the new PaintWIZ Handheld Paint Sprayer Pro. We were absolutely delighted by how versatile this product was. It could be used with all kinds of paints and lacquers, however, it did require thinning them down.

We are glad to say coating lacquer with this device made our job easier and saved us a lot of time. It was much easier to use and covered nicely with merely a single coat. It even included an adjustable trigger so we could easily control the amount of flow.

We’d recommend not being too hard on the trigger as it could result in overspray. The sprayer had three different spray settings as well which helped us do all types of projects. Both the nozzle and the cup were easy to remove so we found cleaning it easier.

However, we did find we had to refill the reservoir quite often due to its small size. Another disappointment was the 4 feet cord which meant we had to reach for our extension boxes. Of course, if you were working on a small project then it would not be as much of a problem.

Powerful 400W indoor/outdoor rated all-in-one handheld sprayer like PaintWIZ Handheld Pro Paint Sprayer For Lacquer
PaintWIZ Handheld Pro Paint Sprayer For Lacquer paints 3x faster than brushes and rollers.
Credit: Amazon.com


  • 3 different spray patterns make for versatile application.
  • Uniform and professional coverage.
  • Adjustable flow control through the trigger.
  • Easily removable parts.
  • Portable due to the small size and low weight.


  • Small reservoir volume.
  • Short power cord.

Who is it For?

The PaintWiz is perfect for those novices who have a little foreknowledge on how to use sprayers. This is because you need to figure out the right configuration of settings.

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Fuji Spray Gravity Spray Gun For Lacquer

Fuji Spray Gravity Spray Gun
Fuji Spray Gravity Spray Gun For Lacquer
4.54.5 / 5
Fuji Spray Gravity Spray Gun is a professional Spray Gun features convenient side pattern control knob

If you’re looking for a more professional solution for laying down lacquer, then the Fuji is for you! The Gravity Spray Gun uses a gravity feed with a smaller footprint. This allows for better maneuverability and makes it easier to coat tighter areas.

We found the gun to have amazing spray control pattern. It resulted in a smooth glass-like lacquer finish. Furthermore, we believe the gun is truly ergonomic. It has the cup in the middle which leads to better balance and relieved a lot of pressure on the hand.

The gun has a very firm trigger. This allowed us to properly control the flow rate. We were surprised to find how lightweight the gun was, weighing merely 2 lbs. Another aspect we loved was how easy it was to clean the gun is used a simple gravity feed.

Another point we noticed was the gun was made of a sturdy metal instead of plastic which meant durability. However, in terms of performance, we did note that it failed to coat in vertically upwards and downwards positions.

Even in oblique positions, you had to ensure there was enough lacquer to reach the feed. After a couple of uses, we found that the cup wore down easily. It started to leak and could not seal the cup well.


  • Ergonomic design and handle.
  • Adjustable knob size to control patterns.
  • Durable stainless steel construction.
  • Easy maneuverability due to lightweight.
  • Uses gravity feed which makes it easier to clean.


  • Cannot be used in vertical positions.
  • The cup does not seal correctly and leaks.

Who is it For?

The gun is best suited for professionals in the lacquer industry due to its sturdy construction and superior performance.

Fuji 2203G Semi-PRO 2 Gravity HVLP Paint Sprayer For Lacquer

Fuji 2203G Semi-PRO 2
Fuji 2203G Semi-PRO 2 Gravity HVLP Paint Sprayer For Lacquer
4.84.8 / 5
The Semi-PRO systems include the Fuji M·Model spray gun, which has professional features such as non-bleed

Another high-quality system from Fuji, we found the Semi-pro 2 to be a professional spray system. We found that this could work well with water as well as solvent-based coatings. It performed beautifully with lacquer as it is much thinner.

Right off the bat, we noticed that it could be used in two styles: Gravity feed or Bottom feed. We found both to be advantageous in separate situations. The overall performance of the gun was a precise clear application in a single coat. This meant less waste of product for us!

Plus, we could easily adjust the spray pattern according to our wishes. The best part was perhaps how easily the gun came apart and could be cleaned. It was easy to set up and once you had the consistency down, it was easy to operate as well.

The gun felt quite expensive and durable since it was made of stainless steel. We did feel that the gravity cup required more refilling than usual. The unit was quite noisy as well so we’d recommend using earbuds.

We also had the same issue with the air cap as the 5175G. The cap would not seal properly and would result in leaks. However, this was much less pronounced in this model.

Fuji 2203G Semi-PRO 2 Gravity HVLP Paint Sprayer For Lacquer supports Stainless steel fluid passages that prevent wear on the needle tip
Fuji 2203G Semi-PRO 2 felt quite expensive and durable since it was made of stainless steel
Credit: Amazon.com


  • An adjustable control and three spray patterns.
  • Comes with two different cups for a different application.
  • Easy to clean as the parts can be removed.
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Equipped with a hose to prevent overspray


  • Leaking air cap.
  • Small gravity cup volume; required frequent refilling.

Who is it For?

We recommend hobbyists and DIYers to use this product as it delivers a smooth and clean finish.

Fuji Mini-Mite 4 PLATINUM HVLP Paint Sprayer For Lacquer

Fuji Mini-Mite 4 PLATINUM
Fuji Mini-Mite 4 PLATINUM HVLP Paint Sprayer For Lacquer
4.74.7 / 5
The Mini-Mite 4 PLATINUM (MM4) system includes all the same features as the Mini-Mite 3 PLATINUM but with the use of a stronger 4-stage motor turbine.

The Fuji Mini-Mite HVLP Spray System is yet another premium spray system that allows you to get a professional finish at home. It is equipped with many of the same features as most Fuji systems.

The first thing we noticed was how lightweight it was. It was certainly easy to maneuver and the handle was quite ergonomic and stayed cool throughout the process. We found it delivered higher pressures so we could easily use it with thick lacquers.

We found it to deliver a professional like finish in the least amount of time possible. It allowed us to change the spray pattern as well according to our preferences. A huge improvement over the Semi-PRO 2 was definitely the noise reduction due to noise covers.

The gun and the cup were quite easy to clean. However, we did notice that it tended to get clogged if you left the gun for a while so, with this gun, we’d recommend constant cleaning.

Another drawback was the heavy hose. We found it too difficult to maneuver. Also, we noticed that when using mineral spirits, they tended to react and corrode aluminum construction.


  • Versatile spray patterns and shapes.
  • Lightweight and extremely portable due to aluminum construction.
  • Noise covers result in reduced noise.
  • Ergonomic and stay cool handle.
  • Uses high pressures so can be used with slightly thicker materials.


  • Heavyweight hose.
  • Requires cleaning between coats.
  • Aluminum corrodes when using mineral spirits.

Who is it For?

The Mini-Mite HVLP Spray System would be best for beginners as well as professionals since it is easy to use and delivers a professional finish.

Fuji HVLP – Q5 Platinum Spray Gun For Lacquer

Fuji HVLP - Q5 Platinum
Fuji HVLP - Q5 Platinum Spray Gun For Lacquer
4.64.6 / 5
The Q5 PLATINUM is the most powerful Fuji Spray system. This 5-stage turbine motor develops approximately 9.5 psi.

When it comes to heavier and more powerful machines, the Fuji Q5 makes the top of our list! The turbine that powers this system is quite powerful. We felt that the extra power helped in using thicker lacquers and coatings as they could be easily pushed through the system.

What we loved was that the turbine, although quite powerful, was equipped with a patented noise reduction technology. This allowed us to work quietly without disturbing our family. The gun allowed us to change the spray settings as well from small to large.

We did think it was a little complicated to set up but once it was set, it was quite easy to use. The air filters were easy to remove and clean. We felt that the glossy, smooth performance and consistent coverage were definitely worth the price.

However, we did find that the unit was quite heavy which made it harder for us to lug it around. We wished the turbine system could have been much lighter. Furthermore, the gun that came with it had the standard air cap issue where it would fail to seal.

The standard air cap set is the general purpose #3 (1.3mm) for fine finishing with lacquers, enamels, polyurethanes, latex,
We felt that the extra power helped in using thicker lacquers and coatings as they could be easily pushed through the system.
Credit: Amazon.com


  • Powerful turbine.
  • Can be sued for thicker paints.
  • Equipped with patented noise reduction technology.
  • Variable spray settings.
  • Easy cleanup and professional finish.


  • Failed sealing of the air cap.

Who is it For?

We’d recommend the Fuji Q5 Spray system for professionals only as it is a bit complicated to use.

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Best on a Budget:  Campbell Hausfeld Spray Gun Kit

For beginners and hobbyists who are looking for the best quality systems yet refuse to compromise on quality, the Campbell Hausfeld will serve them well. It is easy to use and setup. The unit is portable as well as it comes in a carrying case.

Its 2 spray guns grant you much more flexibility while the performance of each gun is quite consistent and smooth. We definitely recommend this unit as it is the best paint sprayer for lacquer on a budget.

Best Seller: Fuji Semi-PRO 2 – Spray System

For those hobbyists and DIYers looking for a more advanced system than a basic gun, the Fuji Semi-Pro 2 is the best paint sprayer for lacquer. It works well with all types of lacquer coatings, resulting in a clear and glossy finish.

The unit is quite durable so you can expect it to last long. All in all, it is perfect to have on your side while doing medium sized projects.

Best Quality: Fuji Q5 Platinum Spray System

In terms of quality, only one could win the title of the best paint sprayer for lacquer and that was the Fuji Q5 HVLP Spray System. This is a more professional and heavy duty unit. You could easily use it around the workshop for larger products.

The main highlight is the powerful turbine that allows you to use thicker lacquer. It might be a bit expensive but the high quality certainly makes it up for the price.

Buying Guide:

Although you can use any gun to coat your project with lacquer. However, not all guns will perform the same way. To help you pick out the best gun for yourself we have compiled a sort of tips:

Type of Gun:

As we stated earlier, not all guns will spray lacquer like others.  Here’s a quick summary of gun types and lacquer applications:

  • AAA guns: Better for larger applications. Better consistency.
  • Pressured Guns: Pressure allows for the application. Best for all types of textures and finishes.
  • Gravity feed Guns: Smaller reserve. Easier to clean and use.
  • Suction feed Guns: Only to be used by professionals.
  • HVLP Guns: Best choice for DIY Application.
  • Airless: Not to be used for lacquers as they can get messy.

Tip Size:

Since lacquers are thin materials, they require smaller tips. We’d recommend a tip of around 1.3-1.5 mm range. This would allow the lacquer to dry a lot faster and would ensure a precise and consistent application throughout.


Always go for a gun that gives you flawless, smooth and consistent finish even if it means investing a few extra bucks into it. Also, we recommend you should buy more high-quality guns for lacquer than you would for paint.

Lacquers and Varnishes Comparison:

Although lacquer and varnishes look quite similar in finish, they are actually very different from each other. They are both a hard and glossy coating at the top of a surface. The following table summarizes the key differences:

A clear coating.Can be clear or colored
Used as a protective and decorative coatingUsed as a protective coating as well as for staining.
Components include Resin, Drying Oil and solvents.3. Made from Plasticizers, Nitrocellulose, bonding agents, pigments and VOCs
Usually, have a semi-gloss to low sheen finish.The finish can be as glossy or matte as you want
Not as durable as lacquers.Much more durable


All in all, the paint sprayers can make the application of lacquer coats much easier and can save a lot of your time. We recommend investing in one of our best sprayers for lacquer. You’ll be surprised at how effortless it makes the whole process.

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