5 Best Paint Sprayers For Furniture 2019

There are a handful of advantages of using a paint sprayer if you want or are thinking about painting your furniture. Using them makes painting easier, quicker and paint is applied evenly on surfaces which is a good thing.

Paint sprayers are very wonderful tools that are known to atomize paint into a fine mist. What this does is when you are finished painting, it creates a mirror-like finish which is so mesmerizing.

Brushing is a method that is widely used across the world and those who can’t afford a paint sprayer. It offers better control if you want an item to look tidy and neat. However, using a paint sprayer is the better option for reasons that will be explained below.

You should also take your time and search the market for the best paint sprayer for furniture. The last thing you need is to spend money on a product that isn’t fit for purpose.

Why Using a Paint Sprayer on Furniture is the best Option

When people want to paint their furniture at home, there are four ways to go by doing so.

Brushes: This is perhaps the most popular method of painting furniture, however; it does have a few pros and cons. Brushes work wonderfully on woodwork and leave a polished finished but they are time-consuming. They can also cause splatter on the floor and go missing if you are not careful.

 Rollers: Anyone painting a large surface area needs to get rollers because they are easy to use. The only downside is rollers also cause splatter and leave a textured finish which is not pleasant on the eye.

 Spray paint: Using spray paint on furniture is not a good idea because it is very costly; drips everywhere and you paint might be uneven.

 Paint spray guns: While these are easy to use, learning how to use a furniture paint gun properly requires effort. Once you have mastered using the spray gun for furniture, you will paint like a pro if you are a beginner.

While the 4 options mentioned above are good, using a furniture paint sprayer is highly recommended. They are so easy to use, time-saving, work well on furniture and lastly, they give you even coverage.

To help you make up your mind on the best paint sprayer for furniture, below is a comparison chart. It will also show some of the features each product brings to the table.

Editor’s Top 3 Pick

Graco Ultra Handheld
Graco Ultra Handheld
HomeRight Finish Max
HomeRight Finish Max
Wagner Control Spray Max
Wagner Control Spray Max
Customer Rating
4.24.2 / 5
3.73.7 / 5
4.14.1 / 5
PriceGraco Ultra Handheld priceHomeRight Finish Max priceWagner Control Spray Max price
2000 psiN/A1.50 to 2.63
Mass hose
20 feet
Size17.4 x 12.7 x 7.65 x 9 x 12.518.5 x 12 x 12
Weight8.9 pounds2.76 pounds11.2 pounds
WarrantyManufacturer2 year limited1 year
Bottom LineIt is suitable for professionals and users who simply love having power in their hands.This furniture paint sprayer can be used by both beginners and intermediate painters with easeIt is perfect for both inside and outside use.

Best Paint Sprayers For Furniture Detailed Review

Critter Spray Products 22032 118SG Siphon Gun

Critter Spray Products
Critter Spray Products 22032 118SG Siphon Gun
4.44.4 / 5
The Critter Spray Products 22032 118SG Siphon Gun is ideal for the beginner to serious the woodworker who wants to achieve professional finishes.

This is a wonderful compressor powered paint sprayer that comes with a sealable mason jar which can save you a fortune. Instead of investing money on something to store your paint, you can use the jar and it comes with a lid.

This is perhaps one of the most cost-effective and convenient ways to use your sprayer when painting. Looking at the prices on the market, it is clear to see that this sprayer does not cost a fortune.

It is a very cheap high-quality furniture paint sprayer that will get the job done. To get the best out of the sprayer, you will need to buy an air compressor with a minimum horsepower of ¾.

You do not need to buy a high-quality air compressor as a low-end model will do the job too. When you buy this product, you get an instructions manual, a mason jar and a spray gun for furniture.

It is a very easy sprayer to clean and it can handle different type of paint brands without clogging. At 1.64 pounds, this is a very light paint sprayer and one that will not let you down despite needing an air compressor to operate.


  • Very easy product to clean
  • Does work very well with a low power air compressor
  • A very light paint sprayer
  • Comes with a sealable mason jar that store paint


  • Needs an air compressor in order to fully function
  • The added cost is incurred on an air compressor

Who is it built for?

Anyone working on medium and small job needs to purchase this product because it will get the job done easily. Beginner, intermediate or pro can use this sprayer because it is convenient thanks to the sealable jars. Paint and other items can easily be stored in them.

General Purpose Pattern and Fluid Control handheld Sprayer DH650001AV

General Purpose
General Purpose Paint Sprayer Gun
4.14.1 / 5
It produces a fine finish for most furniture and equipment painting and is also is perfect for customizing and restoring automobiles, trucks and motorcycles

What you get when you buy this product is a tool that produces a fine finish on your furniture every time. It has an anti-drip canister at the bottom which minimizes drips and cleaning up.

To get the best out of this product there’s one thing you have to do. You will need to buy an air compressor that delivers a minimum of 7.0 SCFM at 40 psi. There are a few of those on the market; it is just a matter of conducting research and finding it.

Finish your projects faster and easier with Campbell Hausfeld - The Air Power Expert.
The DH650001AV features fluid control that regulates the amount of paint sprayed
Credit: Amazon.com

You will finish painting your item in no time thanks to this sprayer because of its user-friendly design. The furniture paint gun has an adjustable pattern of 9 inches. This helps it handles things like primer, urethane, stain, and lacquer just to name a few.

The last thing that draws customers to this product is the fluid control that it provides. This regulates the quantity of paint that is sprayed on to an object. This reduces paint consumption by around 30% while making sure you get the best results possible.


  • It is a very light product and user-friendly
  • Has a few adjusting options
  • Very easy to carry around and fluid control


  • Can be noisy
  • Slow on large areas

Who is it built for?

This sprayer can be used by everyone of any level of painting experience. It can be used to spray on a variety of materials like prime, urethane, stain, and enamel. It is also user-friendly and provides fluid control to the handler.

HomeRight Finish Max C800766, C900076 HVLP Paint Sprayer

HomeRight Finish Max
HomeRight Finish Max HVLP Spray Gun
3.73.7 / 5
IThe Finish Max is our lightest sprayer and fits comfortably in the user’s hand

Products that are very easy to use always win the hearts of customers and that’s what this sprayer brings to the table. It is one of the easiest products one can use even if they are a beginner.

Apart from the fact that it is very easy to use, customers love it for its low power draw, portability, and affordable price. The C800766 does not need a compressor to operate at full power.

The 400 watts of power it has is more than enough to get the job done easily and smoothly on a variety of items. Wasted paint and droplets are some of the problems associated with many painting products on the market.

The Finish Max has more output and more pressure, making it a champion sprayer for Furniture
Regulate your paint output by adjusting the flow control knob on the Finish Max paint sprayer.
Credit: Amazon.com

Rest assured you’ll not have such problems with the product because you’ll get a smooth finish and a concentrated spray. The brass spray tip provides you with greater control of the sprayer which makes your work look professionally done.

It is able to hold 27 ounces of paint which isn’t much but enough to get most small jobs done. When you buy this spray what you will get is a viscosity cup, a cleaning brush, and an air nozzle.

Weighing just 2.76 pounds, it is easily one of the lightest paint sprayers you can purchase. If you are looking for high control, portability and ease, this is the perfect sprayer to buy.


  • Its lightweight provides you with a high-level control
  • Weight 2.76 pounds making it easy to use
  • Works well with different brands of paint
  • Come with a set of clear instructions helpful for beginners


  • Package does not come with anything extra
  • Product can only hold 26 ounces of paint max

Who is it built for?

This furniture paint sprayer can be used by both beginners and intermediate painters with ease because it handles paint well and provides balance.

Wagner 0518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Paint Sprayer

Wagner Control Spray Max
Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Control Spray HVLP Paint Sprayer
4.14.1 / 5
The Wagner Control Spray Max combines variable air pressure control, a metal spray gun, and a powerful two-stage turbine to make it easier to paint walls and surfaces

First on the list of the best paint sprayer for furniture is the incredibly designed sprayer by Wagner. This is not your average paint sprayer because once you look into it; you’ll see why it is highly rated.

The features it has are not very difficult to get used to which is a good thing for intermediate users. What many people like about this product is it has three spray patterns with controls that are easy to adjust.

Anyone looking to paint a large area and a small area easily needs to use these three spray patterns effectively. For any interior painting jobs, these three spray patterns are a wonderful option for any painter to have at their disposal.

When you buy this sprayer, you’ll be happy to know it comes with a 20ft hose. You will not have any problem moving it around your home plus this sprayer is affordable. There is no need to break the bank to purchase this product.


  • Air pressure of between 1.50 – 2.63 psi
  • Numerous spray pattern for great painting results
  • Good quality metal cup
  • The starter hose length is very good
  • Get a smooth finish all the time


  • Operates slightly slower than many other sprayers
  • Can be noisy

Who is it built for?

Anyone looking to a paint sprayer that is easy to use without needing a huge amount of power should buy this. This is the best paint sprayer for furniture if your painting is at an intermediate level. It is perfect for both inside and outside use.

GRACO Ultra Airless Hand

Graco Ultra Corded
Graco Ultra Corded Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer
4.24.2 / 5
The true advantages of the Ultra handheld sprayers are the Perfect Airless Finish, ultimate portability on the job, and that it is ready to spray in seconds

The Graco Ultra Airless is a furniture sprayer that does not get the recognition it deserves because it is a wonderful product. The price of this is considered high by many customers and might put them off purchasing it.

Despite that, it is very a powerful paint sprayer with great compact size.“If you want high-quality products, you’ll have to pay top dollar for them” and that’s the case with this product.

Using Graco Ultra is the fastest Way to finish small jobs and makes it become one of the best sprayer for furniture
Painting contractors can easily spray those small jobs without having to start-up their larger airless sprayer.
Credit: Amazon.com

It is a higher end model which will amaze you when used to paint your furniture around the home. Graco is known to make some of the best paint sprayers on the market.

It is hard to fault this paint sprayer for furniture because it is almost perfect in every department. If you have expensive furniture at home and want to produce the best results ever, look no further than this model.

This product is versatile enough for any function you have in mind as far as painting furniture is concerned. Good quality sprayers are hard to find on the market but this will certainly give you value for money guaranteed.


  • The triple piston pumps provide a consistent flow rate
  • Fully repairable product
  • Has plenty of power


  • The price of the product is very high
  • Chord is a bit short

Who is it built for?

This product packs a punch and if power is what you are looking for this is the paint sprayer you need. It is meant for professionals and users who simply love having power in their hands.


Out of all the 5 paint sprayers mentioned above, Wagner 0518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Paint Sprayer is the best option. It is an all-around better product from the rest because of its flexible air hose and variable flow control.

Its variable spray pattern and air pressure are not bad either making it the best paint sprayer for furniture. This sprayer also has a powerful turbine meaning it is able t handle both thin and thick materials easily.

Tips and Tricks to Paint Furniture Like a Pro

If you want your furniture to look like something done by a professional, there are a few tips and tricks to follow.

  • Make sure that your furniture is wiped clean before you begin. Painting on furniture that is dirty is not the best way to start at all.
  • If the items have knobs or drawers or any other hardware, take all those out. It is a bad idea to paint anything with the hardware, drawers, and knobs still on.
  • Inspect your item and make sure that it does have any loose veneers or chipping paint. When and if you decided to take out any veneers and sand any loose paint, wipe down your item to remove any particles.
  • When it is time to paint, make sure that your back and forth motion is steady and even. If it is not steady, your painting will look like something done by a five-year-old.
  • Leave your item to dry completely before you add any coat to it so that it looks polished and amazing.
  • When your item is completely dry, put the drawers and hardware back in their place
  • Admire your beautiful work


There is no denying that painting your furniture with paint sprayers is easier and better compared. They are a bit costly when compared to things like rollers, brushes and spray guns but they are worth every penny.

The reason for that is they are efficient and convenient, simple as that. Before you buy a paint sprayer for furniture, you must conduct research so that you pick best paint sprayer for furniture.

If you pick the wrong sprayer, your work will not like it was done by professional.

Choose your sprayer carefully and you will make your furniture look stunning when you finish painting it.

The best place to find a good paint sprayer is, of course, the internet and Amazon have some great offers. If Amazon does not have the paint sprayer you are looking for, visit your local home improvement stores in person.

This is the best way to check out these tools in the flesh and pick the one you want to use on your furniture.

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