Top 5 Electric Paint Sprayers – Review And Buying Guide 2019

Are you looking for a quick and effortless solution for all your painting needs? Well, we believe Electric Paint Sprayers can be the answer to all your prayers. These sprayers use an electric motor or a pump to power the gun instead of an air compressor.

These sprayers will make your life easier by ensuring fast and quick paint jobs. These devices can be used by beginners as well as DIYers for all sort of projects. So, whether it’s painting a table or your whole house, our best electric paint sprayers are bound to catch your fancy.

Why do we recommend using an Electric Paint Sprayer?

Well, the answer is quite simple! Electric Paint Sprayers are quicker and easier to use than their compressor powered counterparts. They do not require you to buy a separate compressor and can work with any simple outlet.

This makes them perfect for beginners and DIYers. They can easily set them up and use them to their heart’s content!

So, to help out all those newbie and novices, we have compiled a list of our best electric paint sprayers:

Editor’s Top 3 Pick

Graco Magnum 262800 X5
Graco Magnum 262800 X5
HomeRight Finish Max
HomeRight Finish Max
Tacklife SGP15AC
Tacklife SGP15AC
Customer Rating
4.34.3 / 5
3.73.7 / 5
55 / 5
PriceGraco Magnum 262800 X5 priceHomeRight Finish Max priceTacklife SGP15AC price
Weight13 lbs2.75 lbs.3 lbs.
Power SourceElectric Pump Electric MotorMotor
Spray pattern/ type8-12 inches1-6 inches3 different spray patterns
Warranty1-year warranty2-year warranty2-year warranty
Bottom LineIt is recommended for hobbyists and DIY homeowners looking for a steady and smooth paint job for home projects.It is perfect for those DIY enthusiasts who refuse professional helpIt is ideal for small house paintings and DIYs.

Best Electric Paint Sprayers Detailed Review

Graco Magnum Stand – 262800 – Paint Sprayer – Airless

Graco Magnum 262800 X5
Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer
4.34.3 / 5
DIY homeowners and handymen get cost-efficient, high-speed performance with the Magnum X5

Graco Magnum is a renowned paint sprayer company with various successful products under their belt. We found their X5 to be one such high-quality product. It is the perfect entry level sprayer as we found it quite easy to learn.

The X5 performed exceptionally well when it came to the paint job, resulting in a smooth spray. There were no signs of overspray. However, we do advise you to always clean and prep the unit to avoid clogging due to its smaller tip.

The unit works with 120 V so for our European readers we advise using a voltage converter. We found it could spray unthinned paint quite well. However, with more viscous liquids, such as latex, we had to add a bit of water otherwise, it lost suction and would not spray at all!

Moreover, the electric paint sprayer was very easy to clean because of the self-flushing feature. The unit came with a standard 75 feet hose and a long cord which made it easier for us to reach all spots without having to move the unit too much!

It was easy to carry around from place to place as it weighed merely 13 lbs. However, we did find this to be a disadvantage as well because it was easier to tip over. We were also disappointed to find that it lost all suction when there was still 2 inches of paint in the can.

Graco Magnum 262800 X5 is one of the best electric paint sprayer that is ideal for painting all interior projects, decks, siding, fences and small houses
With Graco Magnum X5, you can spray directly from 1 or 5 gallon paint containers.


  • Self-flushing feature which makes it easier to clean.
  • Can be used for unthinned and thinned paints.
  • Durable and sturdy in structure.
  • Consistent spraying patterns.
  • Uses paint straight from the can.


  • The unit loses suction at lesser paint in the can.
  • It tends to tip over due to lesser weight at the base.
  • Needs a converter for 220V/240V.

Who Is It Built For?

We recommend the Graco Airless Paint Sprayer for hobbyists and DIY homeowners looking for a steady and smooth paint job for home projects.

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HomeRight Finish, C900076 – C800766 Power PainterPaint Sprayer

HomeRight Finish Max
HomeRight Finish Max C800766, C900076 Paint Sprayer
4.34.3 / 5
HomeRight Finish Max is a high quality paint sprayer that has a simplified design and less parts

The HomeRight Finish is perfect for DIYers looking for an affordable electric paint sprayer with high-quality spray patterns. It works at 110-120 V as well. We do recommend you read the instructions first as you could easily end up with big chunks of paint.

This machine was definitely not heavy duty and required us to thin the paint. However, the results were smooth and consistent. We found it to be much quieter than most other electric paint guns.

The unit is pretty lightweight and so does not strain your hand while using it. However, the cord length is merely 18 inches. So, we recommend you use the gun with an extension cord or only use it for small projects such as painting cabinets and only interior walls.

We were quite surprised at how easy it was to control the flow of the gun. This gave us full control over the finish of our project. However, we did find it could only tilt at 45 degrees. So, it was pretty much useless for horizontal surfaces such as a deck.

Another shortcoming was how difficult the machine was to clean. It had to be scrubbed thoroughly after every coat or else it ended up clogging. The time we saved by using a gun and not a roller was definitely wasted in cleaning it after coats.

We found it tended to leak a lot if you didn’t screw the cup in properly. So we recommend practicing it before use.

HomeRight Finish Max is consider to be one of the best electric paint sprayers because it easy to use.
As a lightweight machine, Finish Max fits perfectly in your hands and keeps you spraying longer without fatigue


  • Weighs only a couple of pounds.
  • Easy flow control.
  • Professional Finish.
  • Can be used for painting and staining.
  • Ergonomically superior trigger design.


  • Many moveable parts make it difficult to clean.
  • Frequent leakages.
  • Small cord

Who Is It Built For?

The HomeRight Power Flow is perfect for those DIY enthusiasts who refuse professional help and want to add in a pinch of personal flair to their homes.

Wagner MotoCoat Complete Car & Truck Paint Sprayer

Wagner 0529031 MotoCoat
Wagner 0529031 MotoCoat Complete Car & Truck Paint Sprayer
3.63.6 / 5
The Wagner MotoCoat Sprayer offers a portable spray system for applying coatings to automobiles without the need of added equipment.

For those who would like to get the best electric paint sprayer for their vehicles, the Wagner MotoCoat in unmatched. We were a little skeptical about painting our car with it. However, we were pleasantly surprised at how well it performed. The finish was smooth and the spray pattern was remarkable.

We loved the flow control feature on this device. It made it quite easy to control the flow of the paint. The device was quite easy to use and we even took it a step further by painting a door. The results were just as smooth and consistent.

The device comes in 110V and a 220V version, so anyone can use it. The hose length was about 39 feet which we found perfect for painting cars and smaller projects. We found the thicker coats to be much smoother than the thinner ones.

The electric spray gun was, however, difficult to clean. We had to clean the nozzle as well as the paint cup. Otherwise, it would clog up and not work. We’d recommend using paint liners on the cup as it would not prevent the paint from drying on the can.

Another disadvantage is that it does not give a similar finish for automotive paints. We could only get a perfect finish with undercoatings and bedliners. So, this might be perfect for priming and plastidip paints, but we recommend using another sprayer for automotive paints.

These electric paint sprayers uses an advanced technology turbine to propel high volume air through the hose to the gun where it is forced through a revolutionary nozzle -creating the ideal spray pattern for coatings application.
With Magner 0529031, the finish was smooth and the spray pattern was remarkable


  • 39-foot long hose for easier maneuverability.
  • Spray patterns are easier to control
  • Attachments are easy to add and remove.
  • Available in 110V and 22
  • 0V versions.


  • Can get clogged and is much harder to clean.
  • Can only be used for plastidip paints or underlining.

Who Is It Built For?

The device is best for beginners and hobbyists as it is smaller and easy to operate.

Tacklife Advanced SGP15AC- Electric Spray Gun

Tacklife SGP15AC
Tacklife SGP15AC Advanced Electric Spray Gun
55 / 5
The Tacklife SGP15AC Spray Gun is made up of ABS plastic for the home owner, and is eqipped with 3 nozzles

Another extremely affordable spray gun, the Tacklife Advanced Electric Spray Gun comes packed with a lot of bells and whistles. We simply loved how this gun performed with smaller projects and how quick it was.

Right off the bat, we loved the easy refill design of the canister, which made it easier to use. All we had to do was pour the paint in without screwing off the can. We found the gun was easy to maneuver as it came with a 6 ft power cord, making it easier to move around.

We tested out all three spray settings and found the circular one to be much more consistent. Furthermore, the product was quite lightweight. However, due to large paint capacity in the can, we found it got too heavy at full capacity.

One complaint we had was the difficulty in cleaning the unit. It took a lot of time as we had to clean the can thoroughly. Also, the gun cannot be used to paint the ceiling. As soon as we turned it upwards, it lost all action and just wouldn’t spray.

Another drawback is that it would not use unthinned paint. We had to spend a lot of time thinking it out which was certainly annoying. Plus, the gun was made of plastic so, it did not feel durable at all. However, at the price point, who could argue!

Tacklife SGP15AC Spray Gun is a powerful electric paint sprayer that anyone should have
Tacklife SGP15AC supports removable top cap for adding paint conveniently


  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • 6ft long power cord made it easy to maneuver.
  • Adjustable spray width.
  • Easy refill design of the canister.
  • Multiple spray settings.


  • Not durable.
  • Cannot use unthinned paint and cannot paint ceilings.
  • Takes a lot of time to clean the unit thoroughly.

Who Is It Built For?

The TackLife paint sprayer is ideal for small house paintings and DIYs. Customers have reviewed it as easily understandable and perfect for quick home retouching

Wagner Power Tex – 0520000 – Texture Sprayer[/beast_h3]
Wagner Spraytech 0520000
Wagner Spraytech 0520000 520000 Power Tex Texture Sprayer
44 / 5
The Wagner PowerTex texture sprayer features a built-in air turbine that eliminates the need for a separate air compressor, making it easy to tackle a variety of texturing projects

The Wagner Power Tex Sprayer is one of the best electric paint sprayers in terms of affordability. We were delighted to find that this electric spray gun came with 3 nozzles, each contributing to a different kind of spray pattern. The unit uses 120V as well.

With this product, we had to hit the trial and error method as it was hard to figure to the perfect nozzle and mud viscosity. Once we had it figured out, it was quite easy to operate. We simply loved the armrest as it was quite comfortable and ergonomic.

We found the sprayer to work excellently on walls, however, we had a few issues spraying the ceiling. Although the hopper adjusted perfectly, things took a downturn when we started the actual spraying. We found the paint sprayed all over the place and made a mess.

Moreover, the power cord was a small inconvenience as it was only 24 inches long. We had to use an extension cord to operate it swiftly. So, we recommend using it for smaller spaces and DIY projects.

We also found that the motor on this unit was quite noisy. Another shortcoming of this device was that it was very hard to clean. You have to carefully scrub the hopper and the gun to ensure no clogging occurs.


  • Comfortable and ergonomic.
  • Can be carried around easily due to the smaller weight.
  • Produces 3 different spray patterns.
  • Parts can be easily locked in place due to Lock n Go technology.
  • Adjustable hopper design.


  • Has a bit of a learning curve.
  • Noisy and messy.
  • It cannot be used to paint ceilings or horizontal surfaces.

Who Is It Built For?

Wagner Power Tex – 0520000 is a top paint sprayer for smaller spaces and DIY projects.


High Priced:

Graco Magnum X5

All the above products are the best in their own terms. However, one product stood head and shoulders above others. Yes, you guessed it! The Graco Magnum X5 is the clear winner! Its high power and ease of use are what has landed it in our top spot.

Granted that it is a bit expensive, we believe that its extensive benefits make up for the premium price. The device is sturdy, easy to clean and portable. It has a long hose, resulting in better maneuverability. And above all, it can use paint straight out of the can!

Medium Priced:

HomeRight Finish C800766, C900076, Power Painter Paint Sprayer

However, if you’re looking for something more portable, then perhaps the HomeRight might be a better choice for you! The HomeRight Paint Sprayer is lightweight and easy to control. The variable trigger allows you to paint at your pace!

We found it much more practical for smaller DIY projects that do not need too much paint. It certainly delivered a professional looking finish!

Low Priced:

Tacklife Advanced – SGP15AC

The Tacklife is an affordable yet unique spray gun that will certainly make your life easy! It is easy to refill and maneuver due to its small size. Packed with three different spray patterns, it certainly delivers on its promise of a high-quality paint job.

We’d definitely recommend the Tacklife Advanced for small projects that do not involve a lot of detailed work.

Electric Spray GunTips and Tricks

How to Choose the Right Paint Sprayer For Painting?

Well, with so many options at hand, you might wonder, which one is the best for me. Well, all electric sprayers come in either an Airless version or an HVLP version. Each of these versions has their own specific pros and cons as well as their own specific applications.


Airless versions use a pump to spray the paint all over the surface. These guns use really high pressures and so are more suitable for outdoor uses. They perform better for larger projects and we generally wouldn’t recommend them for smaller projects.

The best part about these is that they can draw paint directly from the can. So, you wouldn’t need to hassle around with separate canisters like in the HVLP. They allow you to paint continuously and are generally much easier to clean.


HVLP (High Volume, Low Pressure) models are perfect for small or medium-sized paint jobs. They work at lower pressures and are best suited for DIY and smaller spaces. They use in-built compressors or motors to power the gun.

However, they usually use a separate can in which you have to pour the paint. They also have limited mobility and maneuverability. They are much harder to clean as you end up cleaning the can as well as the nozzle and also are noisier as well.

How To Use an Electric Airless Paint Sprayer

Next, you might wonder how to use one. Well, the basic tips for using all-electric paint sprayers are as follows:

Slow and Steady: Always work slowly and with patience, as these guns might overspray and lead to leakages. We recommend you practice a few times.

Cover Everything: When using these indoors, there tends to be a lot of splatters. We recommend you tarp down everything including the floors, doors, windows etcetera.

Wear a Mask: The paint fumes scatter everywhere when using a gun. So, be sure to wear a mask unless you want to breathe in the paint.

Work from the Outside In: Since these paint sprayers can get out of hand easily. We recommend you paint the basic borders of your space and then go fill in the rest.

Adjust Your Spray Pattern: Different Surfaces work with different spray pattern. We recommend using smaller patterns for the borders and larger ones for the middle of the workspace.

Watch for Clogs: Next, be sure to wipe down the nozzle, after each coat to avoid drying the paint.

Who Needs an Electric Paint Sprayer?

We recommend any DIY enthusiasts or homeowners to invest in a good quality paint gun. These paint guns can be used for small projects to larger ones. So, it will save them money and will help them achieve the exact output they desire.


All in all, electric paint sprayers are a worthy investment and will save you huge bucks down the road. So, whether you consider yourself a handyman or are just setting out in the world of sprayers, any of our best 5 electric paint sprayers will serve you best!

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